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28 Days Later…

I didn’t really know too much about what to expect when I prepared to see the Danny Boyle “zombie movie” 28 Days Later, hearing that it was “scary as hell” and “frightening” and all of that stuff. I was afraid that I was going in with really large expectations, especially for a movie that was shot on a budget of 8 million dollars and short using digital camera. Although there were definitely not many jump out of your seat moments (actually there really was only one), the movie remained extremely tense throughout its entire (and I mean that) runtime. Every second had a feeling of urgency and unpredictability to it which I loved.

The great thing that Boyle did with this horror movie was put emphasis on human nature which was truly more frightening than anything that any of the infected humans would do. At about two-thirds of the way through the focus shifts from out-running the infected, to getting away from those who the main characters first searched out for safety. This is a harrowing and relevant horror movie which easily doubles as a study on human nature which is far more frightening than any creature that may be lurking in the darkness. Boyle did an excellent job with regards to casting, as each character is realistically portrayed, with little room for idiocies with regards to motivations, even if there may be plot holes littered throughout, appreciation must be given for having reasonable motivation for the actions the characters choose to move on. The movie is believable, and with the recent medical scares which have hit the news such as SARS and West Nile Virus, the movie may seem all too real, which is the only reason I find it hard to recommend.

This is not a very uplifting movie, while there is a glimmer of hope in the end, the film remains downbeat and depressing, dark and murky, tense and taunt. Acting as a social commentary, the movie was released at the perfect moment in time, where the fears of the viewers are projected on the screen, one of our many possible futures perhaps. Anyone who is a fan of horror should check this out because director Boyle has done a spectacular job creating this desolate world overrun with violence and death, two things humans strive to create in order to survive. Harrowing and truthful, Boyle proves in an hour and a half that the best intentions can bring out the worst in people.

-Andrew "Banky" D.


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