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Donnie Darko

August 13, 2002 @ 10:39 a.m.

I was thinking about which movie to write about today for over an hour until I realized, is there better movie to write about then Donnie Darko? The answer is yes but barely. This little, unheard of gem from is Richard Kelly's debut film and something tells me he is going to be big. Jake Gyllenhaal(October Sky) plays the title character and he proves again that he is who we should look out for. The movie defies classification in a single genre, it contains comedy, drama, mystery, suspense, horror and a little time travel for some balance. It is possibly the most original film I've ever seen, it takes pieces from other movies but the end product is something new and inventive, undeniably creative. Most notably it steals from Harvey(1950) a movie about a drunk who begins to have visions of a six foot tall rabbit. Donnie Darko is set in 1988 and it feels like a step back in time. Everything in this movie contrasts perfectly to everything else, from the acting from a top notch cast, to the writing and directing, to the rather bizzare sound design(Frank the rabbit's dialogue is recorded to the rear speakers with eerie results). For an indepentent feature the special effects in the film are fantastic, they aren't over used(I'm thinking George Lucas), they can be subtle and wonderfully rendered. Oh and the ending is a doozy, I've seen the movie several times and I'm still not sure if I've got the ending yet. Looking for something different from the average hollywood garbage? You can't find anything better(or more ambitious) than Donnie Darko, watch it with an open mind, it's something you won't forget. I can't say that you'll love it or hate it, either way it worth the time you put into it. I strongly urge everyone to go out and check it out.

-Andrew "Banky" D.


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