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Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring

August 07, 2002 @ 9:23 a.m.

Way back in December on 2001, I remember there wasn't much in the way of good movies coming out and I, along with all of my friends and relatives, heck more that half this country were eggarly awaiting the release of this movie. The selling point of the movie for me was not that they were finally adapting the classic tale into three feature length movies, but that it was directed by Peter Jackson(Heavenly Creatures, the Frighteners, Bad Taste). Needless to say, I felt the movie didn't deliver, the movie went on for about a half an hour too long, and the fact that a director's cut with thirty minutes of extra footage is being released in November makes me quiver. Jackson has a unique visual flare which was what I felt was the movie's only saving grace. The acting was decent but nothing extrodinary, I personally have seen the actors do better. The battle scenes are epic but are too short and too few, spread appart too long. If one thing, this movie should be viewed for its technical merits. I constantly had a feeling of detachment while I watched through this movie, hoping, praying for it to gain my interest, but I never really connected.


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