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The Matrix Reloaded

Itís taken awhile for me to actually get out and review this movie, partially because itís taken me this long to actually get my head around everything that Iíve witnessed. I was (I know itís a cliche to say this nowadays) blown away by all that was thrust upon me on the magnificant silver screen. Iíve seen the movie twice and I canít help but think of this as an experience. Itís not as much a movie as it is an actual experience, something where you can look back ten years from now and be like "Oh I saw that, it was awesome." Without a doubt I thought that this outdid the original, which I revisited the day after I first saw the sequel. The scope of this movie was raised ten fold and it made for a much more entertaining and involving movie. Not that the original was a bad movie, I personally believe that itís one of the few movies in the past five years that actually deserved the praise that it recieved. Reloaded borders on perfection but has to settle for greatness, as the only two factors which I felt took away from the experience were the acting from minor players and the fact that the movie just feels like a bridge between The Matrix and Revolutions which comes out in November. There was little purpose to progressing the plot of the original besides throwing out some philosophical dialogue and spectacular action scenes that are among the best ever put on film. I hoped for a better life at the cinema for Reloaded as it seems to be fading away too quickly(even though itís grossed about 250 million US). This is a movie that I think that anyone with an interest in cinema should see, and as soon as possible if they havenít already, because the only way to do justice to the scale of the breathtaking action scenes is to see them on the big screen. This is to my generation what The Empire Strikes Back was to people twenty-three years ago. The Wachoski Brothers are the equivalent of George Lucas thirty some years ago, ambitious and visionaries, let us just pray that they donít decide to make a series of horrible prequels three decades from now.

-Andrew "Banky" D.


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