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The question of who will govern Mars has been answered with three different stances. The red, white and blue stance, which entails a government on Mars more or less controlled from Earth via the United States government. The pale blue view, which necessitates that the government on Mars be under United Nations control. The sovereign Mars standpoint, which calls for the Martian civilization to be self-controlled.

Governing from afar by the United States brings with it many complexities, difficulties, and unwise means of even attempting it. In the past, there have been numerous examples of unsuccessful governance by distance. This goes to show that a colony on one continent cannot be governed by another continent, let alone another planet. This idea may have been valid forty years ago but it no longer represents a logical form of governance for Mars. Although, the very presence of the American government playing the role as excessive regulator and the consequent delays and frustration that result, is exactly why everyone will want, not only to go to Mars, but to be free in their pursuits and endeavours one there.

The proposal of UN governance of an openly socialist, total control, one-world governmental scheme running everyday life on Mars is laughable at best and treacherous at worse. There are several issues of concern regarding UN control of Mars and also o space development in general. The UN continues to promote organizations that are the persecutors of progress as well as space exploration ideas. The various environmental groups, also known as Non Governmental Organizations, have helped to develop anti-progress mindsets in millions of young people around the world.

Proposals such as the Wildlands project calls for half of the US land area to become re-wild. This has helped the UNs drive to destroy property rights, which will be a key factor in travelling to Mars for individuals, businesses and corporations. Without the ability to own their own land on Mars, they will not be going.

In a nutshell, the UN is a leader in propagating and creating methods of anti-development and anti-improvement as well as retaining the status quo. Documents and projects such as the 1967 International Space Treaty to the Wildlands project are blocking the road to human development and progress as a species.

While the first missions to Mars will be conducted for exploration and the establishment of settlements, it will soon become apparent that decisions will need to be made by those operating and working the planet. From the first step onto the Martian soil, there will be a growing attitude of wishing to make independent choices and autonomous decisions. As the settlements grow over the years, tension will build between those living on Mars and the decision makers on Earth. Therefore, this will lead to the only war of solving the problem, a Sovereign Mars.

Looking into the future, it should be realized that this endeavour is much more than another example of human migration to another place. This is about a whole new world and a whole new branch of human civilization. In time, the customs of the colonists will become much further removed from the customs of Earth. They will develop their own unique forms of culture, tradition, music, politics, art, architecture, technology and religion. Everything will be different from calendars to physical appearance on Mars than on Earth.



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