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Book Review: The Ethics of Star Trek

The Ethics of Star Trek attempts to analyze the moral aspects of the Star Trek series and movies. This book is filled with philosophy from Ancient Greeks and Rome to Christianity. I actually skimmed through this book rather quickly and tried to read all of the interesting parts. In its attempt to analyze the aspects, it throws in a lot of philosophy that is probably not known to the average reader. I do not read philosophy that often, but I thought I'd give this book a try. Well, I dont know what to say. If you enjoy philosophy, buy it now! If not, ur in for a rocky ride. Since I skipped over most of it, I missed a lot, but it got boring. Although it is very well written, it seems to drag on. So I skipped to the end after reading about the Ancient Greeks, Romans and the Christianity aspects, I skipped over the sense of duty that comes with the series as well as the overwhelming sense of pride and courage that comes from the Klingon race. The final chapter attempts to explain the moral aspects of each captain from all four shows. It was probably difficult to write considering Gene Roddenberry's belief in humanism. There were a lot of biblical references and contradiction analyses throughout the entire book, but the end was good!


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Book Review: The Ethics of Star Trek

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