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Red Colony
Scientific American


The colonization of Mars is highly probable for many reasons. One of the most important ones is over population on Earth. Earth has over 6 billion human beings and in the future we will not be able to feed or support all these people. The high population will slowly diminish natural resources down to nothing. Humans must move off the planet to Mars in order to keep the population at a respectable and moderate level. Mining is also a key reason to colonize Mars. Mars is a rich planet overflowing with valuable minerals and elements desired on Earth. If Mars were colonized it would be possible for future trade with the planet in order to benefit Earth. Research and exploration also are good reasons to colonize Mars. Scientific data on Mars can reveal the mysteries of our planet and possibly even the universe. There is so much research to conduct on Mars and exploration would attract the attention of all humans back on Earth. Seeing that Mars is considered the most beautiful planet in the solar system, is could be a key location to a multi-billion dollar tourist business. Companies could make a lot of cash off of the beautiful and breath taking mountains, volcanoes, gorges, deserts, etc. located on Mars. The main reason to colonize Mars is survival. Why should the human race only live on Earth? We should expand our species throughout the galaxy. Mars is a wise first step. Eventually the sun will burn out and we will have to move to a far away galaxy if we want to survive. Learning how to terraform Mars and develop a planet like Mars will help us practice for the future when we must move on in order to survive. Another reason towards survival is the chance of Earth being suddenly destroyed by a catastrophic event like a huge asteroid crushing into the planet. It is sort of chilling to think that the human race could become extinct so abruptly. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Colonizing Mars would spread the human population and increase our chances of survival within the universe.



The Planet Mars
Reaching the Martian Surface
Large Orbital Mirrors
Greenhouse Gas-Producing Factories
Ammonia-Heavy Asteroids
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