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Preparing for Contact: Lessons from the Past

NASA Targets Dec. 18 for Shuttle Launch Under New Rules

Russian Freighter Docks with Space Station

Earth Stands In For the Moon and Mars

After Columbia, X Prize Entrants Remain Committed to Space

Boeing Delta 2 Sends Spirit Soaring Toward Red Planet

NASA Redesigns Key Piece of Shuttle Hardware

Sea Launch Soars Again Carrying Thuraya-2 to Orbit

Special Panel Studies Termination of Hubble Orbiting Telescope

Rocket Exhaust Leaves Mark Above Earth

Mars Rovers Named 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity'

Fresh Supplies Launched Atop Soyuz to Space Station

Solar System Emerges Along Maine Highway

Russia's 300th Proton Rocket Launch a Success for ILS

Orbiter Workers Seek Closure With Shuttle's Loss

Test Results Back Columbia Foam Theory

The Pencil Nebula: New Hubble Shot of Colorful Crash Scene

How the Mars Rover Landing Sites Were Chosen

Mars Express Passes First Milestone: Beagle Launch Clamps Cut

Mars More Environmentally Active than Expected

Automatic Astronomy: New Robotic Telescopes See and Think

Winds of Serious Change at Saturn Surprise Astronomers

Leading Shuttle Disaster Theory To Be Tested

Lunar South Pole Landing Sites Studied

International Space Station: On the Trail of Lewis and Clark

Soyuz Rocket Boosts Mars Express To Red Planet

Stars and Symbolism: Flags Inspired by the Night Sky

Foam Test Damages Shuttle's Wing's Leading Edge

Japan Recovers Capsule That Carried Made-In-Space Product

Concorde Ends Commercial Flights Between N.Y and Paris

Private Spaceship Undergoes Sky-High Test

Catch the Wave: Asteroid-driven Tsunami in U.S. Eastern Seaboard's Future

Expedition Seven Crew Doing Well After Month In Orbit

Astronomers Burst Bubble On Shape Of Nearby Space

Earth-Sized Planets Confirmed, But They're Dead Worlds New Clues To Nature's Greatest Explosions

Columbia Board May Recommend Shuttle Test Flight

NASA Delays First Mars Rover Launch At Least Three Days

Mobile Mars Lab Simulated In The Arctic

Viewer's Guide: Strange Solar Eclipse on May 31

Earth Photographed from Mars in Surprising Detail

Planetary Protection: An Integral Part of Mission Preparations

Trickle Down Theory of Melting Snow May Support Life on Mars

Mars Ice is Mostly Water: Good for Biologists, Bad for Terraformers

New Animation Shows How Mars Evolved, Where Water Hides

Life on Mars: Swimming Right Under The Surface?

Larry Niven Talks Terraforming

Mars Express: Europe Takes the Lead

Advanced Projects Map Future of Spaceflight

Special Report: June 20, 2000 Evidence of Water on Mars

Mars, Who Needs It?

Icy Shapes on Mars Reveal Two Climates