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Red Colony
Scientific American


The greenhouse gas-producing factories theory is another option for thickening the Red Planets atmosphere. Thickening of the atmosphere on Mars would raise the temperature of the planet over the years. These factories would be solar powered, and their only purpose on Mars would be to pump out as much greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as possible. Within the last century on Earth, humans have unintentionally released tons of greenhouse gases like CFC’s, carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, slightly increasing the Earth’s temperature. But how would these greenhouse-gas factories get onto the Martian surface? The factories would either have to be ferried to Mars or made out of materials already located on Mars. If the greenhouse gas-producing factories were to be made out of materials located on Mars, these materials would take years to process. Transporting the factories would be rather expensive and would require much energy. The factories would have to be lightweight and efficient. Basically the greenhouse machines would mimic the natural processes of plant photosynthesis, inhaling carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. Photosynthetic bacteria may be placed throughout the Martian landscape to increase the productivity of the greenhouse effect. Slowly over the years the atmosphere would increase its amount of oxygen and humans would only need a breathing-assistance apparatus. Humans would no longer need to wear pressure suits.



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