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To answer the question of what the plan will be, the question of who will have the plan must be answered. There have been a number of governments, organizations and individuals, which have talked about the prospect of going to Mars. Should we send probes and investigate the planet, land a human and bring him back, terraform the planet, colonize, set up as a tourist location or even set up a manned colony on a limited basis.

There will be no clear progress made until a government, company, or individual lays out a clear and concise plan of getting to Mars. When John F. Kennedy laid down the line, he created a reachable foal for thousands of people to work together and achieve. Currently, there are only pockets of people working together with ideas that cross over each other and others working on ideas that could never work. By looking at the three main groups we can determine who should provide the plan.


All governments have the uncanny ability to squander resources faster than anything else, but luckily they have the resources behind them to allow such a thing. If a government were to decide that they were to generate and fund a plan, they would most likely like to see a return on this endeavour. They will most likely want to administer the new colony and dictate what resources will be used and how they will be used. The current political climate is largely uncertain and they will most likely not use their resources on a venture such as this one.


Before any companies would take on this endeavour, they would need to see a financial benefit. They would most likely want to set up some sort of tourism to and from Mars. Any company would likely not jump at this chance considering the financial input would far exceed the financial output of such an endeavour.


A group of like-minded individuals that share the drive, commitment, and access to some funds would be our best hope. These are the people that will do the research, theorize and eventually come up with a plan that will take us to the red planet. A group like the one proposed earlier as ‘Sell-Mars.’

If we did make it to Mars, would it be socially acceptable to leave those people basically stranded with help a long ways away? What would happen if a colleague died? In regards to the people going there, how will they be chosen? How will they live and interact with each other? All these questions lead to one of the biggest of all, who will govern Mars?



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