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Red Colony
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The future of mankind depends on the colonization of other planets and solar systems all across the Universe. Colonizing Mars would be the first of many steps required by humans to maintain survival. Humans cannot live on Earth forever. With the growing population, dwindling resources, and the fact that our Sun will eventually burn out, we must ultimately leave Earth to continue to exist as a race. Humans have a long way to go to in order to accomplish these incredible missions. Humans have yet to create such technology to accomplish leaving our planet for far away galaxies. It will take many years before humans are ready to leave and when we do, where will we go? How will we get there? What will we bring? The most convincing reasons to colonize Mars other than the fact that it is within our technological grasps are survival, research, exploration, over population, mining, and practice for future missions to colonize planets. Although there are many problems still to overcome, it is rather feasible to colonize Mars in the near future, and is almost necessary to ensure hope for our future destiny.

In order to colonize Mars successfully, we will have of alter the martian atmosphere to create a more habitable living environment. This process is known as terraforming (Fogg 1995). Terraforming Mars will be an extremely hard and long task, but is essential for human colonization on the planet. Many issues are involved when thinking about colonizing Mars, many of which have multiple solutions. Deciding which methods are the most effective and cost efficient in developing plans for missions to the planet are frustrating and highly controversial. Fortunately, these issues will be solved sooner or later, missions to Mars will begin, and the first crucial first steps for humanity in the universe will be taken.


The Planet Mars
Reaching the Martian Surface
Large Orbital Mirrors
Greenhouse Gas-Producing Factories
Ammonia-Heavy Asteroids
Living Conditions
Why Colonize Mars?