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Red Colony
Scientific American


With regards to the information with this paper, it seems profitable and worthwhile for the human civilization to extend their culture onto the red planet. In order for the expansion of the civilization to reach Mars, the planet needs to be terraformed as the current environmental conditions on Mars are very unwelcoming for life to exist. The economic parts of the mission to Mars are very extensive, but new ways of fundraising are continually being created. The political ideas for Mars are very complicated and will take a great deal of thought and consideration to decide upon a course of action. The cultural aspects will come into play in the future of the colonization of Mars and should also be taken into consideration when determine the political future of the planet. Perhaps not in the immediate future, but at some point, Mars will be a very profitable and worthwhile venture for the people of humanity to act upon.


The colonization of Mars should be postponed to complete more research on areas that include studies of the planet, ways to heat the planet, ways of getting to the planet and staying there and ways to pay for the trip there. The first thing that should be done is to research more about the planet. We need to learn more about what will happen when we introduce bacteria, lichen or even factories. This could take years to develop the right technology that would be required to heat the planet. The idea of using factories in order to heat the planet is a great way of using what is inside the regolith of Mars to terraform the planet. The only problem with this idea is that it may not be the most feasible. We need to develop more feasible ways of heating the planet. The use of bacteria and lichen colonies is a great idea, and would probably be the most cost effective. The only problem with this idea is that we need to develop a way of heating the planet to the point where the bacteria and lichen can survive on the planet. That is where the factories would normally come in, but I think that there needs to be more research made to make this idea cost effective. There should also be more research done to ensure that we can get there quicker. We need to be planned for everything ahead of time. If there were an accident on Mars, it would be better to use anti-matter and get there in twenty-four hours instead of what we use now and get there in eight months.

This will be a long and slow process that will involve generations of people. Scientists need to come together and support each other with their findings instead of working in small groups. The more people there are working on this project the better. The colonization could take anywhere from sixty to three hundred years, no one can say for sure. The first thing that will need to be done is to do the research required to get to the planet. We need a much better method of transportation. This transportation method will also need to be tested. Therefore, once it is created, we can go to Mars and use the trip as our test. Then, when the astronauts arrive at the planet, they can study it more closely and take better readings. Their findings will allow scientists on Earth to then create a better method of heating the planet. Once this method is then created, we can use our new method of transportation to take over whatever we need to heat the planet. Then from there on, the terraformation process will begin and bacteria and lichen can be sent over. Once the planet is terraformed enough for humans, we can send over colonists, mostly scientists, to begin the colonization of Mars. The reasons for colonization Mars are many in number. They were stated earlier as the

The human race on one planet is vulnerable to self-inflicted Armageddon through nuclear and biological warfare. The human race on one planet is vulnerable to inevitability such as an asteroid impact. The human race on one planet is vulnerable to disease. The human race on one planet is becoming overpopulated. The human race is running out of resources and is in need of reaching out to other planets for metal and element harvesting. The human race needs to come together and stop the bickering over our social differences and unite. At last, the human race needs to expand, the entire universe is at our exposure for research, exploration, and the understanding of ourselves. The human race should be moving on and expanding our sphere of influence.



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