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This is the movie that made Schwarzenegger(chances are I'd spell it differently the next time I mention him) a star, there is no denying that this is the movie that got him out into the public eye. Although many people argue that this is among the best science fiction movies ever made, I beg to differ, when I think of the original Terminator, I think of the best B-movie ever made. No matter how hard I think about it, I fail to see the Terminator as a cinematic masterpiece, I see a landmark in entertainment. The special effects, despite being revolutionary 19 years ago, are cheesy and obvious now, but are definitely still fun to look at. The action is fun and often off the wall, and with James Cameron throwing plenty of style into his execution, the cheese gets pilled on thicker and thicker. Now I'm not saying that a B-movie can't be a good movie, it's just that with special effects that are obvious and dated such as these, the impact of the movie changes drastically. Where people were entertained by the movie for different reasons 19 years ago as opposed to myself where I find humor in what was taken serious when the movie was first released. It's definitely a fun movie with a lot of ambition, entertaining for the entire ride and surprisingly well written despite certain limitations. Worth watching over and over again just to see the humorously menacing portrayal of the title character by Schwarzenegger.

-Andrew "Banky" D.


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