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Yeah, it's been exactly one year since Spider-Man first graced the screen at local theatres crushing records and doing the impossible, being fully entertaining and living up to the incredible hype which was born to follow it's title. There is a similar situation to come with X2: X-MEN United which had millions pile in to witness the awesome spectacle of special effects(which is only one of the many reasons to see it).

With Spider-Man viewers were fearful of the transition of their favourite comic book hero(world wide I might add) to the silver screen, there needed to be A LOT of special effects and A LOT of care taken by everyone involved in the "epic" production. However, with X-MEN 2 it's a slightly different story, the audience knows what to expect, they've already gotten a taste of it before, their fears reside in the idea that Director Singer and his crew would massacre an idea which simply doesn't happen.

This is a good a sequel as any, as you've probably heard in just about every positive review of the flick, it outdoes the original on pretty much all accounts. Not since Terminator 2: Judgement Day could I think of a sequel being greater than its predecessor. Bryan Singer and his group of cronies succeed by bringing everything they had from the first installment and bringing it up a notch(or in some cases several). The action is brought to us on a huge scale and towards the end comes in epic perportions. The special effects are bigger and better than the first one two but that was a given, unless of course you thought this movie was directed by Roger Corman or something.

The most important thing about the movie though, is the fact that we actually do care about these characters and relate to them. We see they have difficulties fitting in with society and we connect to them, only a man like Singer could have pulled this off so nicely. Well Hugh Jackman helped too.

Okay, here's a movie set in overdrive from beginning to end, definitely not trying to be something it's not. It doesn't necessarily succeed at everythig it attepmts to achieve but it's appreciative that a full effort was put in to it. Oh sorry, I thought we were talking about the first one(I know that's an overused and pretty crappy joke). This movie(like Spider-Man) has something to offer everyone and is one of the most entertaining and stylish flicks of the year. The 2003 Summer movie season's begun and it's started off with a pretty big bang, although it's obvious to everyone that x2 will be obliterated when the Matrix Reloaded hits hard in less than two weeks. See both, you shant regret it.

-Andrew "Banky" D.


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